Friday, August 7, 2009

Colorado trip 2009 aka first trip to the ER

We had the most fun in Colorado in July. We got to hike on the big ski mountian, climb on every rock that was in our path, paddleboat, see family (we love our cousins), swim, play at parks, see musuems, baseball games, aquariums, and visit the Emergency Room!!!! Yes, we had our first ER visit and it resulted in 8 staples in Jackson's head!! He is doing great now but it was a rough couple of hours. Other than that afternoon the trip was a blast. Oh, and Jason did great at his school. Just got his grades yesterday and he made all A's of course!!! We are so proud of him.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yes, that is right. . . Jason surprised us all with a birthday party for ME!!! (he didn't even tell the kids the plan, good thinking, we were all three very surprised!!!) As you know, Ardmore is a bit limited on restaurant options so when the one place I wanted to eat on my birthday was closed for remodeling I was a bit bummed. However, we managed to slip in without reservations (I am kidding of course!!) to the ever popular Mexican/Catfish restaurant. It was good but no Cafe Alley. . . we had agreed to go to my Mom and Dad's for dessert after dinner. When we got there I noticed a lot of cars parked next door and said, "Hey, it is my birthday and they are having a party, no fair!!!" When I walked in the house two or three of some of my favorite kiddos ran in and said SURPRISE!!!! It was so great to walk in and see all those friendly and loving faces!! Great job Jason!! I can't believe you pulled it off!!! What a great day!!!!!!!!!!