Friday, December 12, 2008

Beautiful Kids to Attract Followers

You may ask: "Are your kids always this happy?" Yes. If they don't smile, they don't eat. It's that simple. Seriously, they do seem to be happy kiddos. Their smiles keep Kori's and Jason's hearts warm. Their questions keep us on our toes. Their activeness keep the washer and dryer busy.
Today is a typical day. Jason goes to work while Kori scrambles to get the kids away from The Backyardigans in order to make it to school on time. Today, Kori is helping Sidney's 4 Year Old Preschool Class make gingerbread houses. Oh, if we could only video that. Can you say $10,000? Let's just say that Kori has the patience of a saint!
Have a great weekend!

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